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California White Sage - Sage and its smoke can be used to CLEANSE, PURIFY, HEAL, REJUVENATE, and PROTECT. Sage smoke clears negative/bad energies, enhanced spiritual connection, soothes stress, and helps with mental clarity

Use for: meditation, aromatherapy, relaxation, and to feel better connected to spiritual energies. Sage burns with a pleasant and calming aroma so is the perfect 100% natural fragrance

Dragon Blood Sage - 🔥 DRAGON'S BLOOD SAGE: White sage covered in Dragon's Blood resin. Once thought to be the blood of dragons that had perished in combat, Dragon’s Blood is really the hardened resin of certain rare trees found in India and Sumatra. It has a natural red pigment and a haunting, earthy fragrance. Dragon’s Blood is used to add potency to spells, for protection, and to create a meditative atmosphere. Also known to have powerful effect in stimulating sex drive and passionate love.

7 Chakra Sage - Mullein is a sacred plant that supports the return of lost energy. Use mullein to help you return your mind to peace. Use it to help you return to a night of restful sleep.

Mullein has been used in ceremonial circles by the Navajo to help lost souls find their way back to spirit, giving it a historical reputation as an herbal for mental health.

Mullein Smudge Stick is both anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Dried mullein can be burned as a smudge or incense and inhaled to stop stubborn coughing.

7 Chakras making this a perfect smudge for cleansing your space and yourself as you align your Chakras. This smudge stick is fantastic to burn before, during, and after meditation sessions

Prosperity Sage

Piñon Pine leaves:
Sacred to Native Americans, Piñon Pine's fragrance is earthy and intoxicating. It has many benefits - including its use for protection, prosperity, healing, and cleansing. It creates a peaceful and inviting environment and may be used for clearing a space, allowing prosperity to enter.

Its smoky pine scent shows us how to ‘rise from the ashes’ like the Phoenix. It teaches us the power of control, balance, and moving beyond negativity, jealousy or anger that place limitations on our physical reality. Emotionally & spiritually, Piñon Pine helps us to release anguish, helping us to better connect with Spirit through meditation, sacred ritual & compassion. It holds a dominant energy that can purify just about any crowded space, welcoming in a renewal & righteous cleansing, as well as the opportunity to create space for that which we wish to attract, to enter.

Mountain leaves:
Mountain Sage Smudge is used to promote new beginnings, strength, and space clearing.

Also called Desert Mugwort (Artemisisa Tridentata), this herb grows at high altitudes and in arid desert climates. It collects the energy surrounding it and releases it when burned. It strengthens and provides restored energy in times of exhaustion.